Daily Update

Chairman Mike Long will appear with the “Wise Guys” tonight on NY 1 to discuss politics, specifically the upcoming democratic convention.  Watch NY 1’s Inside City Hall tonight *Check your local listings for the channel) at 7:00 PM and repeated at 11:00 PM.

This headline really shows how far down the rabbit hole the Boy Scouts have fallen.  Obviously, they have forgotten, or worse, choose to ignore the Boy Scout oath.    It is only a matter of time before this once honorable, respected, goal driven organization that taught boys the important things in life, will be unrecognizable and will no longer exist.  Shame on the Left!

As we noted yesterday, until we can change the law,  this man will not be charged with killing his girlfriend’s baby.  Again, shame on the Progressive Left.

Errol Lewis, who is not opposed to the legalization of marihuana, has a column in today’s NY Daily News, that asks some very legitimate questions about the problems associated with making pot “legal.”  We would also strongly suggest that people truly interested in public policy and public health should look beyond the cash infusion states will have for their pet projects – trust us, your taxes will never be reduced – and study the problems that Colorado has incurred since they changed the law.  Mr. Lewis notes that over 60% of people want it made legal, is anyone really surprised by that number.  We elect leaders to be leaders, not to cave to the unwise wants of the general public who don’t really understand the problems associated with marihuana.  How many laws have we passed to try and stop DWI and DUI?  People still drink and drive and fatal accidents are not uncommon unfortunately.  But the Progressive Left – and some on the right – still encourage making marihuana legal in New York State.  Shame on them.

In case you missed this, New York spent $22,366 per pupil on education in 2016. And school budgets continue to go up.  We spend 90% more than the national average.  Everyone should make a mental note to vote NO on school budgets in the future and to not be bullied by the NYS Teacher’s Union — union leadership; not the teachers — who are so vocal about how little we spend on education. 

The Daily Signal explains why China represents such a global threat

Only in America’s Schools Could ‘Partying Like It’s 1776’ Be Offensive

How do you work more hours in the year than there are in the year?  The article really makes you shake your head in disbelief.  No wonder California’s pension system is even worse than New York’s. 

One has to admit that it is rather unusual for the NY City Council to be complaining about the Mayor’s spending.  Manhattan Institute explains here

Matt Vespa writes in Townhall.com that the FBI front office discussed Trump dossier with CNN