Daily Update

Investor’s Business Daily has an excellent editorial on how government prevents private industry from doing what is right, then government swoops in and hits successful businesses with substantial new taxes to do what private business was doing when government prevented them from doing what was right. 

In case you missed Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream last night, you missed a very troubling exposé on a daycare center in Minnesota.  Please watch it here, and note that it is believed this is not limited to Minnesota.

National Review writes about Trump, North Korea, and the Reagan Doctrine.    No one knows if a meeting will take place, but rest assured, President Trump is prepared to do what is best for the US. 

Unlike our governor, President Trump is unafraid of the “little rocket man” and will show up where ever necessary to pressure North Korea’s denuclearization.

America is averaging a loss of 115 LIVES DAILY due to opioid abuse. Marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug.  Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.  Many experts in drug abuse call marijuana a gateway drug that leads to other drug abuse.  Yet, even knowing this, NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer released a report that New York government would hit the jackpot if the state legalizes marijuana.  Seriously?  Is the value of life so meaningless to the “leaders” in New York, that New York has become only fixated on hitting the financial jackpot?  Are they so worried that other states will get money New York wants to spend?  Far too many localities are filing lawsuits against drug companies – blaming them for the abuse of opioids – and now New York leaders say making marijuana legal is okay as long as the state budget gets its share.  New York is inviting, no, it is asking for, trouble.  As long as New York believes that marijuana is the golden goose and should be available, it will never be able to prevent people from becoming addicted to drugs.  One cannot prevent drug abuse while one promotes the use of drugs. 

What could possibly go wrong with this idea; Assemblyman wants to revive scandal-ridden gambling unit.

This has to be the most ridiculous statement ever from an elected official.  Gillibrand: If Lehman Brothers Were Lehman Sisters, We Would Have Avoided Financial Collapse.   Not only is it ridiculous, it was plagiarized.   Christine Lagarde said it in 2010, then said, of course, it was a joke, repeated it in 2012, again saying it was a joke.  However, when Gillibrand plagiarized the statement, there was no indication that it was a joke.  How pathetic it is that she is the junior senator from New York State, but we can change that in November.  Chele Chiavacci Farley’s website is here

Surprise: Hamas Admits Vast Majority of ‘Peaceful Protesters’ Killed by Israel Were Actually Terrorists.

Larry Horist  has two new columns for us:  Moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem latest move in larger Middle East strategy and  It is called ‘perjury trap’ for a reason.  

File this under:  Ask a dumb question, get a serious answer

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