Daily Update

It is official.  US Embassy is open in Jerusalem.  Here is the official White House statement on how President Trump continues to keep his promises, despite the fact that HAMAS continues to undermine the commitment to the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan

Charles Hurt writes in the Washington Times how a novice politician astounds the world by keeping his campaign promises. 

How Obama loyalists conspired to undermine the Trump transition

Meanwhile, US Senate Kirstan Gillibrand continues to undermine the Trump Administration.  The Daily Caller reports that she and ultra-progressive Sen. Elizabeth Warren have opposed over 90% of Trump nominees.   

Fortunately, the dismantling of Obama’s legacy proves our government still works.  The unfortunate truth also means that if America elects another president who thinks like Obama does, the good work of undoing his mistakes can also be undone.  Especially when some elected officials are complete hypocrites

Stephen Moore asks and answers the question “Who turned off the lights?”

Bill Hammond on why New York should revisit its restrictive hospital ownership laws.

David Keene opines on the lessons from West Virginia’s primary.   

Tom Steyer, the heavyweight anti-Trump activist, founder of NextGen America, released an ad this week comparing Republicans to white nationalists.  Shameful oratory designed to activate the angry democratic base who cannot get over the fact that Donald J. Trump is president.   Rep. Al Green appears to stand with Tom Steyer as he blasts Speaker Pelosi for saying that calls for impeachment are a distraction. 

Heather MacDonald writes in the City Journal how identity politics is harming the sciences. 

Misfire.  David Hogg isn’t familiar enough with gun laws to have his suggestions taken seriously. 

Mark Levin spends time with Gary Sinise on Life, Liberty and Levin examining all he does to help our veterans. 

Sen. Rich Funke was the featured speaker at the Monroe County Conservative Party’s annual dinner on Friday evening.  His wisdom should be shared; thus, we have included them here.