Daily Update

The good news is that 3 Americans are coming home!  In a gesture of good will, North Korea has released the men who appear to be in fairly good health and able to walk on their own.   Kudos to President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

In their haste to criticize the Trump Administration, the NY Times slammed Secretary of State Pompeo for not being with President Trump as he withdrew of the Iran Nuclear Deal.  As President Trump said: ‘America Will Not Be Held Hostage to Nuclear Blackmail.‘  It is good to know that this administration is in control and able to keep the press at bay. 

Ben Shapiro opines on the day the Iran deal died.

This headline must really drive the main stream media off the rails;  Media get trumped: President’s polls improve despite 90% negative coverage.

Regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal, President Obama is still out of touch with what is best for AMERICA!

Trying to remain in the headlines, former FBI Director James Comey blasts anti-Trump FBI agents over extramarital affair and anti-Trump texts.  Really, now you blast them?  I think James Comey has plenty to explain about his own lack of being true to the Bureau’s values.  Care to explain these digressions, Mr. Comey?

Guy Benson’s analysis:   Why Tuesday’s Primary Results Are Good News for Republicans.

Great article by Bob McManus;  Spitzer, Weiner, Schneiderman: a bunch of power-hungry perverts.  Part of what Mr. McManus writes is “there is no natural check on those who do violence to the spirit of democratic self-government. To the rule of law.”  However, we believe that one natural check is TERM LIMITS! 

The NY Post editorial points out how everyone looked the other way to protect Schneiderman saying “he was too valuable a politician for the Democrats to lose.”  If you can’t run for multiple terms, you don’t become too valuable a politician – in any party – to lose. 

Schneiderman’s fall tears hole in anti-Trump coalition.    Unfortunately, there are far too many seeking to fill the void.

According to the New Republic, New York is finally number 1.  However, who wants to be the most politically toxic place in America.  Thanks Governor Cuomo and AG Eric Schneiderman: another slap at what used to be the Empire State.

BOOM: Trump Tax Cuts Lead to Largest Ever Monthly Budget Surplus.

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