Weekly Wrap-Up

It’s history in the making, but the media has never given President Trump any credit for his Administration’s work on the Korean situation, and they are not about to start now. 

Let’s get right to the first question in our new Weekly Poll: What do you think is the MAIN reason that media elites aren’t reporting more about the possibility of peace between South Korea and North Korea? 

We’re seeing a similar situation with the latest revelations about the Obama Administration’s sham Iran deal – the liberal “echo chamber” says it’s no big deal, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s revelations this week could bring the whole ordeal to a well-deserved end.

We have a good-news job report to end the week, with unemployment at a 17-year low and black and Hispanic unemployment rates at record lows – and of course, the left thinks Obama deserves all the credit. Young voters, though, seem to be getting the real story. 

Last week I talked about the left’s idea for “guaranteed jobs,” and this week you might have heard about new polling showing that almost half of Americans support such an idea.  It’s wise to be very skeptical of those poll numbers. 

This week, thanks to Hillary Clinton herself, we discovered yet another reason why Hillary lost: Capitalism. As you’ll recall, Hillary is a big believer in free markets when it comes to her speaking fees.

She’s still got a tough race ahead of her, but Cynthia Nixon is gaining ground on Andrew Cuomo, and she’s gaining endorsements from left-wing groups. Is this Cuomo’s last act?

What do you think is driving Ms. Nixon’s upswing in the polls? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

After having little choice but to sign the latest bloated budget passed by Congress, President Trump is expected to soon propose $11 billion in spending cuts, under a budget tool known as “rescission.” 

The swamp has been busy protecting its own, but there are plenty of great ideas for how spending can be cut. Where in the federal budget would you MOST like to see reductions? That’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll.  

Have a great weekend!