Daily Update

E. J. McMahon examines New York financial loss of Alliance Bernstein L. P.’s move to Tennessee. 

George J. Marlin opines on how Andrew Cuomo is in the hopeless captivity of the radical left. 

Another business organization – Chief Executives’ magazine – ranks New York 49th in ranking of best and worst states for business.  Governor Andrew Cuomo has spent and spent and spent and spent more of your hard-earned tax dollars to improve New York’s business climate and after more than 7 years, we still rank 49th in the United States.  Why would anyone give him another four-year term, especially with his hard-left turn? 

Comrade Cuomo’s May-Day

The Manhattan Institute looks at Mayor de Blasio’s budget…and as you could expect, it isn’t good. 

Despite what you may read in the media, not everyone supports physician-assisted suicide

While everyone should remain cautious regarding the rapid changes within Kim Jong-un’s personality, it is obviously a sign of good faith (and encouraging) that three U.S. citizens detained for years in his horrific prison camps will be released.

File this under Lessons to be Learned:  Ohio’s Medicaid Expansion Has Not Relieved Its Opioid Crisis.    

Draining the swamp must include ending wasteful spending on pork.  Just how much federal waste, duplication and weird or unnecessary spending are your tax dollars funding?

High Public-School Spending in DC Hasn’t Produced Desired Outcomes

Embracing Faith: President Trump Announces New Executive Order on National Prayer Day.

Single Payer and the Alfie Evans Nightmare Go Hand in Hand