Daily Update

Nicole Gelinas examines Mayor de Blasio’s proposed budget for NYC.  Instead of giving New York City residents any tax relief, the mayor hikes spending because tax revenues continue to pour in — an extra $1.1 billion in tax revenue compared to what the city’s budget wonks expected just two months ago

De Blasio claims $386M will be last increase to homeless budget

City injection sites report coming within ‘days,’ de Blasio says

Will Governor Andrew Cuomo allow the Democratic Committee follow the Court ruling?  It will be interesting to watch how Governor Cuomo gets out of this pickle.  

In case you missed this,  if the far left progressive movement of the democratic party becomes successful in the US, we are guaranteed bankruptcy.  Perhaps, this is why democrats are losing ground with millennials.  Or why ultra progressive George Soros is trying his best to create a permanent voting majority for the Democratic Party by “enlarge[ing] the U.S. electorate by 10 million voters by 2018.”  Unfortunately, his plan is progressing and some legislators in New York are looking to add help Soros. Texas has the right idea

New York lawmakers still rolling in the mud, and it’s getting deeper

Bill Hammond enlightens us about the 120 proposed insurance mandates being considered by the legislature. 

Leading conservative groups have signed on to Make Congress Work Again

Ben Shapiro writes in the Daily Wire that ‘IRAN LIED’: Netanyahu Reveals Israel Smuggled 100,000 Nuclear Documents Out Of Iran. Iran Had An Ongoing Nuclear Program.  More on this from Katie Pavich.

Guy Benson writes Results Matter: Three Recent, Enormous Trump Accomplishments Must Not Be Overlooked.

South Korean President: Trump Deserves Nobel Peace Prize.  That was South Korean president Moon Jae-in response to the suggestion that he deserved the award.