Daily Update

The emperor of the Empire State has ruled again:  Gov. Cuomo says ICE is ‘violating the law’ after recent raids by federal agents.  The order issued by Cuomo on Wednesday is a modification of a previous order, blocking ICE arrests in state facilities without a warrant.  Lee Zeldin tweeted this “No constitution, legislature or statute will ever take precedence over this man’s political ambitions.”  How true.  Congressman Zeldin, who was on Fred Dicker’s radio show this morning (he begins at the 24:47 mark) is our esteemed guest speaker at our 56th Annual State Dinner taking place on May 31, 2018 in New York City.  (Details for our dinner are here.)  Make your reservation now to hear this dynamic, intelligent Congressman address the problems New York and our Nation face. 

Tammy Bruce writes in the Washington Times about identity politics and the New York governor’s race and how Andrew Cuomo becomes all things to all people, while his opponent goes further left. 

Governor Cuomo continues his war on small businesses with his consideration of upping the minimum wage of tipped workers to $15.00 per hour.  Small restaurants are asking for a surcharge on all diners due to the increased mandates to raise wages and other increased costs. 

The wrong path: Cuomo hurts legislative, judicial systems with collective pardons.

7 governors launch ‘unprecedented’ effort to study gun violence

J. Christian Adams writes in the Washington Times how two DOJ nominees Eric Dreiband and Jeff Clark have been stalled at DOJ because of ‘reefer madness.’

The Investor’s Business Daily opines on the FBI Scandal:  deep state corruption of FBI, Justice was there from very start of Hillary email probe.

Is this the future of health care in America?  UK Government Seeks to Play God in Denying Alfie Evans Life Support.   Here is Betsy McCaughey’s  take on the Alfie Evans case.

Alexandra DeSanctis writes in National Review how the Alfie Evans case highlights the dangers of defending selective abortion. 

Fox News – keeping America informed:   Facebook user guidelines revealed: Which posts will get removed?

Vampire Hillary: How She’s Sucking The Cash-Strapped DNC Dry.

FinallyMike Pompeo confirmed as secretary of state