Daily Update

The Manhattan Institute explains how an item in the NYS Budget may circumvent the possible Supreme Court decision in Janus v. AFSCME case.

Did you know that in January, Christopher Thomas, was released from prison due to a loophole in state law?  Read this to find out what Sen. Golden and Assemblywoman Malliotakis want to do to close the loophole and keep people that murder 8 children and 2 adults in prison for life. 

Jim Acosta denies he was talking about Trump supporters yesterday, however, I have this to say to Mr. Acosta:  If you have to explain what you meant, you are not a very good journalist.  And you certainly do not know when to stop digging.  

Larry Horist says in his latest column:  Don’t normalize MSNBC.

The Daily Caller lets us know about the CDC Study the Anti-Gun Lobby doesn’t want you to know about. 

Ben Shapiro writes about Sen. Bernie Sanders proposal to give every American a government job. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has a jobs plan which is another federal program we don’t need.  Both Senators are pandering for votes and obviously have hardly any knowledge of economics.  Ask Finland what happens when government introduces outlandish proposals to gain votes and have people dependent on government officials.  The idea of universal basic income has some powerful supporters in the U.S.  — Mark Zuckerberg, being one of the supporters — remember he wants to run for president.  I wonder if he will give up his personal wealth of $68.3 billion to have an equal playing field for Americans, let alone the rest of the world.  The free-market made Zuckerberg a very rich man, is he really willing to change the system that creates personal wealth?  Ask him and Elon Musk, who is only worth $19 billion, but also a supporter of universal basic income.  Since they promote such idea, the universal basic income should be, at the very least $5 billion per person.  (I wonder what a Tesla would cost then?)  Senator Sanders and Senator Gillibrand your ideas would destroy what makes America the most extraordinary country in the world. 

About that global warming…climate models projection could  be off by 30 to 45%.  

Arthur B. Laffer and Stephen Moore write in the Wall Street Journal that Blue states will lose millions of people in the years to come—and they aren’t ready.  So Long, California. Sayonara, New York.

Today’s NY Post editorial writes that Andrew Cuomo’s lurches left are looking desperate.  

Michael Goodwin certainly has Andrew’s personality down pat. The problem is, Andrew Cuomo is running scared and we New Yorkers will pay the price.   

Robert Knight:  In praise of Chick-fil-A’s ‘infiltration’

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