Daily Update

Today’s  NY Post’s editorial points out, once again, the costs associated with legislation New York’s public unions could cost taxpayers, if the legislature continues to give them the pension sweeteners they continually ask for.  Rachel Greszler, writes in the Washington Times, about the perils of making promises to retirees that ultimately cannot be kept without huge tax increases or layoffs of current employees.   

The Washington Free beacon is reporting on the political ‘vendetta’  between Mayor De Blasio and Governor Cuomo.  Personally, I find it embarrassing that a newspaper, outside of New York, finds it newsworthy to report that the two leaders of our great state are embroiled in a political vendetta. 

This is written for Chautauqua residents, however, the lesson is for all New Yorkers.

The Manhattan Institute takes a look at Mayor de Blasio’s “restorative discipline” and don’t be surprised, but, it isn’t working.   

Up to 5 sex harassment complaints made against mayor’s office.  The overall cost to taxpayers is unconscionable, unacceptable, and unthinkable. 

CNN’s Jim Acosta has hit a new low.  He says voters too stupid to grasp Trump ‘act’: ‘Their elevator might not hit all floors.’  But yours does, Mr. Acosta?  With your prejudice, I doubt it. 

America Is Mocked By a Purblind Press That Is Vulnerable.

Candace Owens, the communications director for the nonprofit conservative students group Turning Point USA, started quite a firestorm with her “I am not a victim” statement to the Black Lives Matters group that heckled her at UCLA.  So much so that Kayne West came to her defense.  Good for both Candace Owens and Kayne West for not backing down when confronted by the left.   Professor Jordan Peterson Warns Against the ‘Dangerous Narrative’ of Victimization.

Still thinking about running for president, Mr. Holder?  Maybe you should table that idea…forever.

Charles Hurt opines on a Trump even Sweden has to appreciate.  

Richard W. Rahm makes the argument for abolishing campaign contribution limits. 

David Keene on what led to the Broward County rampage. 

Guy Benson’s latest  —  Former Federal Prosecutor: Pay Attention to What Andrew McCabe Lied About.