Daily Update

Special Elections to fill 11 vacancies tomorrow.

 Dan Bongino certainly has shown the difference of two Americans and how they react to things.  James Shaw, Jr.  is a Hero and then there is Congressman Adam Schiff.   Here is the Maria Bartiromo interview Mr. Bongino spoke about. 

What is the Sea Change Foundation and how does it influence Governor Andrew Cuomo.?  Read today’s Daily Signal article on the connection between Russia and 2 green groups fighting fracking in US. 

NYPD commissioner rips impending release of cop killer Herman Bell in letter to Cuomo .  Unfortunately, Governor Cuomo well remain deaf to his letter and the 300,000 plus letters sent to the Board of Parole. 

Cuomo’s ‘fear factor’ is suddenly failing

Seth Barron connects the dots between “non-profits” and a particular political organization.

File this under “self-inflicted wound”  Andrew Cuomo’s ‘undocumented’ imagination.  

File this under “really dumb ideas” De Blasio puts donors in charge of campaign-finance reform.

When was the last time Governor Andrew Cuomo had an original idea?

Will the Members of the Legislature put the future of taxpaying New Yorkers first and defeat these potential “pension pork” bills, or will they sweeten the pensions to buy votes for themselves?   Contact your legislator and tell them enough is enough – remind them you pay the bills they vote for and you refuse to pay for these bills.  (Senate 518-455-2800; Assembly 518-455-4100) 

Gowdy: Because Comey Let Clinton Off, He Likely Won’t Face Charges for Leaking Classified Information.