Daily Update

Good news for taxpayers:  Trump orders top-to-bottom review of welfare programs.

This, however, is not good news for taxpayers:  Teamsters Launch Effort to Push Pension Reform, in other words, the teamsters are seeking a bailout from taxpayers.

Mr. Zuckerberg had a rough day on Capitol Hill, but for the most part, seemed to be honestly contrite for the problems that brought him to the “hot” seat.   Congress seems reluctant to regulate his very successful business and they might not have to, if Facebook follows its own rules or if users decide they want their privacy more than they want artificial intelligence deciding if they operate a safe site.  Maybe, as Mr. Zuckerberg studies the last two days, he will realize that targeting conservatives is an error as it would be if liberals are targeted also. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo has appointed the majority of the Parole Board Members.  Obviously, this members’ resume leads us to believe she would lean towards parole at each hearing.  (Are any of the Parole Board Members married to a victim?)  Governor Cuomo’s progressive record makes one think more prisoners like Herman Bell and Judith Clark will be walking the streets freely while their actions prevented their victims to be able to live their lives they way planned. 

Yet more evidence of de Blasio’s corruption

New York spends $5336 per second!

Guy Benson’s take on Congressman Paul Ryan’s announcement that he is retiring. 

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.