Daily Update

New Yorkers are fortunate to have the greatest governor in modern history…who happens to be  a narcissist  also.  Humility is not a personality trait embodied in Governor Cuomo.  He disparages anyone who does not agree with him and when provoked he tells them there is no place for them in HIS state.  Governor Andrew Cuomo was on NY1 last night explaining how the people’s frustration is due to inaction.  “A lot of talk, and nothing happens. That’s the common denominator between NYCHA and Rikers and MTA and Hudson Park and Penn Station and Moynihan Station and air train to LaGuardia and a new LaGuardia Airport. You’ve been talking about it for 20 years. You’ve done nothing.”  Question to you Governor:  If you are so great at getting things done, why has it taken you 7 years to acknowledge that the MTA and NYCHA have such serious problems?   Only a narcissist blows their own horn, Governor, true leaders who accomplish great things leave it to others to sing their praises.  

Perhaps, our greatest governor in modern history should read this.  Just a few reminders that he really isn’t that great.   

And then there is this, a typical reaction of our greatest governor in modern history…cast aside what you no longer need to pretend you are a peacemaker, when all you really are is a person who lusts power, prestige, and the presidency. 

Our greatest governor in modern history is not above using coercion to get what he wants.

Another narcissist continues her “it really wasn’t my fault” tour lashing out at Fox News this time.

De Blasio’s top donors were awarded VIP event tickets.  

The Hill gives us a rundown of Justice Gorsuch’s first year in office.  The fact that long time NY Times Supreme Court reporter, Linda Greenhouse had a scathing characterization of him proves he is doing his job well and enjoying every minute of it. 

Americans Grapple With Evil Amid Decline in Religious Faith.  

Jason L. Riley’s tribute to Martin Luther King:  Fifty years after his death, many pay lip service to his ideals, but far too few are following his example.

Ben Shapiro on the grisly history of Chappaquiddick

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.