Daily Update

The NY Post editorial is as disappointed – for all the right reasons – as we are with the new NYS budget. 

The Buffalo News explains how promises for high-paying jobs – part of the state’s Buffalo Billion economic development initiative – is a work in progress — promises yet to be filled, but optimistic they will be in a few months.  Time will tell. 

Bill Hammond writes in the NY Torch on the Healthcare Budget Roundup.  

All of the tax dollars that are poured into economic development help make New York State the number one state for high taxes, yet again.  24/7 explains its reasoning here.

National Review examines Tucker Carlson’s Men in America segment.

Narrowly written, but still, California Supreme Court lets stand controversial law allowing DNA collection upon arrest.  And to sweeten the decision, it was written by one of Governor Moonbeam’s appointees. 

Baltimore is the latest to lose population due to progressive leadership.

Matt Vespa has a reality check for Mrs. McCabe

It’s good to be king of New York City.

Larry Horist opines on unspinning the bad news.  

Conrad Black is optimistic; let’s hope he is not overly optimistic!

DACA program grows after judges ordered restart

Rand Paul on the migrant caravan: ‘They should be stopped at the border’.

Trump’s Idea of Using Military Resources for Border Wall Isn’t Unprecedented