Daily Update

It is perfectly clear that Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Members of the Legislature were more interested in passing a budget on time instead of actually working out the fiscal problems that face New Yorkers.  It is no wonder that experts claim Cuomo’s tax plan is a ‘stretch of imagination’.  Karen Dewitt writes about the  ‘Fixes’ to federal tax overhaul part of new state budget.  The short version of what the plan is:  the state will create two state run “charitable funds” for health and education.  New Yorkers would be able to pay the equivalent of their property taxes to the funds, and then deduct the donation from their federal taxes.

Who ever concocted this solution is in the wrong business; writing fiction books pays better than government work – and people are forewarned that it is fiction.     

Unfortunately, this is not the only bad news for taxpayers in the budget.  Members and the Governor distribute many positive spins – the reality is: this budget is a disaster.  The spin misters claim no new taxes…okay, there is some truth to that.  But what about the fees?  (Uber and taxis – for the MTA)  And the new word for tax —  assessment.  The state will evaluate annual opioid sales in the state by manufacturer/distributor, then set an assessment rate intended to generate around $100 million per year.  Some may hail this, however, only about $20 million will go for treatment – the rest to the general fund.  Am I wrong in saying 20% to those who need it; 80% for those who running for re-election?

As bad as the spending is in this budget, the Senate Majority deserves some praise.  They stopped some of the more egregious progressive plans (across the board tax increase stands out and Gov. Cuomo’s push to move away from cash bail) and they did not expand the right to abort almost born babies.  Without the Republicans in the Senate, it will be far worse than it is now; that doesn’t mean give them a pass – it means keep their feet to the fire. 

Christopher Thomas is a free man – the cold-blooded killer of 8 children and two moms – was released from prison about 3 months ago and is currently living in Queens near  two day-care centers.  As Assemblyman Kieran Lalor said, “This is criminal justice reform in 2018.”

Why isn’t the main stream media reporting this?  

National Review explains why the left is so upset about the proposed question about citizenship on the 2020 census.  Liberals’ Reaction to the Census Citizenship Question Is Why We Should Push For It At All Costs.  

Elections have consequences, this judge proves it.   Where in the US Constitution does it say anyone, let alone an illegal immigrant, is entitled to an abortion? 

More on elections have consequences:  The Democrats’ Plan to Transform America.  

News on the political front from County Executive Mark Molinaro and Senator John DeFrancisco.

Robert Knight opines on wonders that never cease.