Daily Update

The NY Post editorial has a message to the Albany legislators:  Say no to Cuomo’s NYC tax grab.  The editorial references  Nicole Gelinas’ and Carl Weisbrod column on Monday as “using this tool as a sledgehammer causes huge injustices.”

David Keene opines on guns, youth, and misguided marches in the Washington Times.

Upstate, downstate NY flatlining in latest annual Census estimates.   While the headline indicates NY is flatlining, the latest estimates show that 42 of 50 upstate counties have lost population since the last decennial census; in all but one of the losing counties, the decline exceeded 1 percent of base population in 2010.  

PBA demands parole board redo hearing for cop killer’s release.   Governor Cuomo, you said you disagreed with the ruling – despite the fact that the parole board members are all you appointees – and the fact that you say your hands are tied – the PBA request is a way to review the matter and at the very least postpone Harman Bell’s release.  Keep this coldblooded cop-killer in prison – send the right message to all:  if you kill an officer of the law, you will spend the rest of your natural life in prison.  We stand with the PBA and Sen. Martin Golden

Why do government officials behave like ostriches then decry deplorable conditions as if they had nothing to do with the abject decline of the very agency they are responsible for?  There are no legitimate, logical, or honest excuses for the deplorable conditions in NYCHA.  Grandstanding, Governor Cuomo, and Mayor de Blasio, is disgraceful and shows the world that you are more interested in bringing attention to yourself, rather than actually helping those who desperately need it.

Cuomo’s ‘cancer tax’ is the wrong way to fight opioid abuse.

Kudos to Congressman Jim Jordan for speaking out on the 3 Major Problems Conservatives Have With the Government Spending Bill.   In the end, 90 Republicans voted against the bill, but it still passed 256-167.

Wait, What? Andrew McCabe Launched an FBI Investigation Into Attorney General Sessions Because Dems Asked Him To?

As a short reminder:  Why men need fathersPart 3 of Tucker Carlson’s Men in America.