Daily Update

Luke Parsnow begins his opinion piece in The Syracuse New Times with this “On May 22, 2010, Andrew Cuomo publicly announced his first run for governor while speaking to a crowd next to the Tweed Courthouse. The location was symbolic: The building was constructed by William “Boss” Tweed, the 19th-century politician who became the most notorious face in New York’s history of public corruption.

“Cuomo said at the time that the recent corruption in the state government had become “disreputable and discredited” and that “Albany’s antics today could make Boss Tweed blush.” Cuomo made corruption a centerpiece of his campaign. Eight years later, it has become the centerpiece of his tenure as governor.”  You can read the rest of the article here.

Speaking  of corruption, Shelly Silver heads back to trial in April.

Then there is this:  De Blasio’s wife falsely claimed the couple doesn’t own any NYC properties.  Seriously, how do you not know you own properties and are collecting rent on them? 

Some things never change:  De Blasio’s discrimination against charter school kids.

Conrad Black opines in the NY Sun.

I’m guessing former Vice-President Biden has not heard about the campaign to end bullying

Thank you, Ben Shapiro, for shinning a spotlight on a difficult subject.

Oh my.  Does Senator Kirsten Gillibrand really know or understand anything about the history of our country?  If she did, why, more importantly, how could she possibly believe this is a good idea?  This misguided woman sits in the US Senate and writes/votes on legislation that affects every aspect of American lives and this is how she thinks.  How did America become the greatest country in the world, Ms. Gillibrand?  Would you prefer that entrepreneurs like Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Andrew Carnegie, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Caterina Fake had been guaranteed a government job and never had the drive to create a business that employees hundred of other people?  What a pathetic belief you are pushing — a government job guarantee – surely a way to stifle the need to create ideas which is far more important than just getting a job for themselves.  How pathetic to push a destructive progressive idea for a few votes.

You can file this under “Birds of a Feather, Flock Together.”

The Senate Must Not Confirm Chai Feldblum.  

Ben Shapiro writes:  Stop Making Children Into Moral Authorities

Larry Horist reminds us that kids are not leading the protests.

And be aware that the ‘March For Our Lives’ is now operating under a dark money nonprofit advocacy group.   

Fortunately, some HS students can think for themselves.  I’m a High School Senior. We Can Make Schools Safer Without Curbing Gun Rights.

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.