Daily Update

Kudos to Los Alamitos, California:  ‘We Pick the Constitution’: CA City Council Votes to Opt Out of Sanctuary State Law.   Maybe, just maybe, other cities and towns will follow their lead

Some advice from Kay Cole James to our Governor and Legislators:  Don’t Tax the Net.

The Daily Signal looks at Putin’s re-election. 

Supreme Court Ruling Could Mean Life or Death for Her Pro-Life Pregnancy Center.    One News Now is reporting that it is likely the Supreme Court will strike the California law.  

Political Guru, John Gizzi, thinks the late Congresswoman Louise Slaughter’s seat could go Republican. 

The Gatestone Institute has a disturbing article here.  And then there is this.  What is going on in Germany? 

6 Reasons Gun Control Will Not Solve Mass Killings.

Former President Obama and former AG Holder you may want to hire a few good lawyers.

Poor Mark Zuckerberg has lost over $9 billion in the last few days; but, don’t feel sorry for him yet, is he still worth about $66 billion – for now.   By the way, where is Mr. Zuckerberg these days

Dennis Prager writes a poignant article to comfort parents who have lost their precious children. 

Facing the Facts About Violence and the Mentally Ill.  

How de Blasio’s ‘equity’ push is driving up jail violence

Governor Cuomo – look at what is happening in California; this is your legacy also

Is Governor Cuomo losing it?

Bob Hardt of NY1 explains the long road Cynthia AKA Miranda has to overcome Mr. Big.