Daily Update

The New York Times calls out Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “forgetfulness.”   When the Governor was asked if the Joe Percoco trial would reflect badly on him, he discounted the assertion calling to “political garbage” and went on to say he had not be implemented in Percoco’s schemes and suggested his name “was never mentioned” in the 8-week trial.  It was.  136 times.

The headline bellows that Governor Cuomo disagrees with parole of ex-radical who killed cops.  Well then Governor — do something to change it!  Fire the Parole Board Members, have Herman Bell appear before all the Parole Board Members to see if the three members that you appointed uphold the decision.  Do something to keep this wanton, cold-blooded, “I can fool the Parole Board” cop-killer in prison where he belongs until he dies.  Governor Cuomo don’t just say you disagree with the decision – do what is right and overturn it.

Tom Precious writes about the latest polling on Governor Cuomo and his job as Governor.  It is an honest clarification of Cuomo’s polling numbers. 

Cuomo’s ‘pro-woman’ agenda is all about gifts to abortion extremists.   If you do not know just how far Governor Cuomo is trying to expand abortion, in the budget, you must read this article and take the appropriate action – call your legislator and tell them 1) this proposal is appalling policy and goes too far in expanding abortion in New York State and 2) it certainly is not a budget item.

Unfortunately, this happens all too often in New York State.

NYCHA’s union problem.  

Giambra: NYS Conservative Party dragging Republicans down.   Mr. Giambra, many years ago, a very wise person explained to me that we carry our shortcomings/faults in our back pockets.  We never see our own yet instantly recognize them in others.  Think about that for a while.  If, as you say, your run for Governor is real, why did you leave the democratic party where your political views are in sync with the majority of its membership?

According to Laura Ingram’s PoliZette’s blog, James Kallstrom, the respected former FBI executive, that high-ranking Department of Justice officials had a ‘backup plan to basically frame Donald Trump’. 

Charles Hurt has this to say:  This trap was set well before Trump won.

Congressman Peter King calls on Mueller to give timetable for investigation