Daily Update

Today’s  NY Post Editorial opines on the  shameful decision to parole Herman Bell.  Chairman Mike Long is calling on Governor Cuomo to rescind the order immediately.  Read his press release here. 

In the Metro section of the NY Post, this article explains how cold-blooded killer Herman Bell was granted parole.  This cold-blooded calculating killer told the members exactly what they wanted to hear; and they fell for his deceitful words.

Lawmaker demands removal of parole board members who freed cop killer. 

Parole of Cop Killer Raising Outcry by Police

Cop killer granted parole decades after cold-blooded murders

Diane Piagentini understands that letting a cop-killer out of prison is a betrayal to police officers who are putting their lives on the line now.  Officer Joseph Piagentini’s widow explains what it has been like without her husband for the last 40 years and then realizes that Black Panther Herman Bell will walk free.  She rightfully calls it a betrayal.

A betrayal to her, every policeman and every New Yorker. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo must reverse this decision immediately.  He must stand up for what is right, he must make this right.

Andrew Cuomo, New York, and the nation, are watching what you do. 

Last night, Tucker Carlson continued his series on Men in America.  You can watch it here