Weekly Wrap-Up

The big news this week is that President Trump is planning to hold talks with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Here is what that says about the White House’s North Korean strategy.

As Fox News explains, “President Trump’s tough rhetoric has led Kim to conclude that the use of force by the U.S. really is on the table and that the Trump administration can’t be played for fools, like prior American administrations.”

Indeed, if it were President Obama or President Hillary Clinton leading these talks, I would be concerned. But for a variety of reasons, I think President Trump can make it work. What is it that makes you think President Trump can be trusted to lead these talks with North Korea? 

That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll. 

(President Hillary Clinton – I’m so glad I only have to use those words hypothetically!)

Nationally, the Trump economy continues to boom, exceeding expectations for job growth

Seeing all this economic growth and freedom, the Democrats naturally want to raise taxes.

And it’s shocking how much of our tax dollars help fund abortion – $1.5 billion over just three years, according to a new report

How do you think this money could have been better spent? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

Speaking of tax-and-spend liberals, it’s business-as-usual in Bill de Blasio’s New York City, and as Nicole Malliotakis points out hard-working taxpayers are shouldering the burden of the liberals’ tax-and-spend ways. 

The gun debate remained in the news this week, and it’s become clear that media elites and liberals don’t know and don’t care about the specifics of gun ownership – but as Barack Obama reminds us, the left doesn’t let facts get in the way of trying to abolish the Second Amendment. And of course, when liberals in our neighboring state Connecticut dismiss NRA supporters as terrorists, it’s clear that an honest debate isn’t really what the left is after.

What do you think is the worst lie or misinformation that liberals trot out in the gun debate? That’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll.

Have a great weekend!