Daily Update

This disturbing sentence is in today’s Daily Caller:  George Soros has effectively purchased another district attorney’s seat.  That is what George Soros does, county by county, state by state. 

Tony Perkins writes in the Daily Signal how our tax dollars are making Planned Parenthood a political kingmaker. 

Will the press report that 500 of the upcoming “gun control marches” (on March 24) are getting a $5000 boost to cover expenses?  Doubt it.

The main stream media would have you believe the democratic vote in Texas was close.  It wasn’t.  

The left, including Mayor Bloomberg and those who want to dismantle the 2nd Amendment, just cannot bring themselves to admit that shootings are a morality problem, not a gun problem.

I Go to a School Where an Attack Was Foiled. Here’s Why I’m Against Limiting Gun Rights.

The Washington Times brings us up to date on the Justice Department suing California over sanctuary laws.  Will Denver be next to be sued?  

Michael Rubin reminds us to be wary of North Korea’s sudden turn towards diplomacy

Sweden finds Trump was right on immigration, gang violence

Michael Goodwin writes this in today’s NY Post:  NYC’s mayor and ‘co-mayor’ are throwing city in the gutterMayor de Blasio gripes about rules barring spouses from paid gigs in government.  Mayor whine is whining again.