Conservatives Enthusiastically Endorse Chele Chiavacci Farley for US Senate

Brooklyn, NY – State committee members of the NYS Conservative Party converged in Brooklyn, NY last nigth to nominate Chele Chiavacci Farley as their candidate for United States Senator.

State Vice-Chairman and Cayuga County Chairman, Gregory S. Rigby, was proud to nominate Chele Chiavacci Farley as the candidate to bring her expertise in engineering and finance to Washington, DC. Chairman Rigby was quick to note that Mrs. Farley’s principles are her core beliefs – regardless of the setting, audience, or numbers. Her dedication to educating and mentoring youth has given her a special understanding of the future leaders of America.

Kings County Chairman and State Vice-Chairman, Jerry Kassar, seconded the nomination, pointing out that Chele Chiavacci Farley is the right person with the right background to take back the seat the honorable James L. Buckley once proudly won on the Conservative Line.

When accepting the Conservative Party’s nomination, Chele Chiavacci Farley noted that she is running to restore people’s faith in government. “From Conservative judges to healthcare reform and rebuilding our country’s infrastructure, this is our time to transform America and make a long-term difference. Unlike Senator Gillibrand, I will never forget that the first job of a United States Senator is representing the needs of their state. After the summer of hell for subway and rail commuters in the metropolitan area, I will deliver the funding we need to fix our mass transportation system and protect commuters.”

“In every corner of our state, deteriorating roads and dilapidated bridges are jeopardizing public safety, hindering economic growth, and costing property taxpayers billions as the cost of these repairs is being passed down to the local level, who better than an engineer to know what to fix and a finance person to figure out how to do it economically?”

“The problems New York faces will only get worse as long as we rely on the same politicians who created them. Kirsten Gillibrand’s greatest success is self-promotion, not accomplishment. What has she actually done for New York? Whether its job creation, tax relief or public safety, the answer is nothing.”

“We will win because we are right on the issues. As she has moved radically to the left to appeal to national liberal activists and coalitions, Senator Gillibrand has turned her back on Conservatives, who are needed to win. She was known as Annie Oakley when she was a member of the House, but has turned into Jane Fonda in the Senate.”

Chele Chiavacci Farley clearly captured the hearts of the delegates and it is unequivocal that the citizens in New York State will have a clear choice in November — elect a woman who has the vision to restore, rebuild and return New York to her finest days.