Daily Update

You will seldom find the Conservative Party praising the New York Times, however, this article deserves to be read and circulated as it shows Governor Andrew Cuomo for what he is — a man who plays with words – trying to make you think you are wrong and he is right.  The NY Times article points out how this Administration choses to interpret an Executive Order to their financial advantage.  Governor Andrew Cuomo is all about Governor Andrew Cuomo with little or no regard for New York’s citizens – despite the flowery empty words he uses when addressing the ideological groups, he meets with. 

Tom Precious writes in the Buffalo News:  For Cuomo, no wins in trial of former top aide.

The NY Post writes about Cuomo’s denial on NY’s awful taxes

State Dems propose giving illegal immigrants legal protections

Janus case high stakes for public employee unions.   Here is what George Will has to say about this case.   As Unions Sound Alarm on SCOTUS Labor Case, Here’s What Wisconsin’s Experience Shows. 

The Heritage Foundation has new information on the transgendered movement. 

Justice Thomas RIPS Supreme Court For Ignoring Second Amendment: ‘The Right To Keep And Bear Arms Is … This Court’s Constitutional Orphan’

Jay Cost opines on what the Second Amendment means today

RUSH: New Evidence Shows Parkland Shooting Was ‘Failure At Every Level’ Of Government

Guy Benson :  Busted: Incompetent, Preening Broward County Sheriff Gets Caught in a Lie