Daily Update

President Donald J. Trump on the tragedy in Florida yesterday.

It appears evident that the killer had some compelling mental problems that many were aware of.   True mental problems; certainly not what Joy Behar considers a mental illness.  Ms. Behar recently linked VP Pence Christianity to mental illnessan insult to the VP and all Christians.  It is disheartening that Ms. Behar would not understand what mental illness is – and be so cavalier in disrespecting a religion.  When tragedies happen, most people turn to God and pray for the victims, their families, and survivors.  Perhaps more prayers when there is not tragedy would help.  It would also help if America returned to its Judeo-Christian legacy. 

And the Devil Smiled.  

George J. Marlin writes in Newsmax that the media’s reputation is permanently scarred with Trump attacks

Adam Schiff confirms Democratic Memo contains ‘Sources and Methods.’   So, Adam Schiff threw Nancy Pelosi under the bus and when you think about it, he threw himself under the same bus. 

Bill Hammond, health policy director for the Empire Center, writes about Cuomo’s cynical abuse of a crisis that didn’t come, in today’s NY Post. 

Bob McManus writes in the City Journal about Cuomo’s Mirror essentially saying that the New York governor assails President Trump in terms more apt to describe himself.

Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie, is a policy adviser for The Catholic Association, who has a thoughtful and historical article, When Does the Right to Die Become the Duty to Die, in National Review.   Kathryn Jean Lopez, asks the question in National Review, Could the Gerber Baby help lead a Revolution?

When did America start allowing the inmates run the asylum?

Walter E. Williams, one day late.