Daily Update

The Daily Signal, like most conservatives, raises concerns regarding President Trump’s proposed budget.  Romina Boccia, deputy director of the Thomas A. Roe Institute at The Heritage Foundation, called the budget a “mixed bag.”  Ms. Boccia said this, “The president’s budget makes progress by investing in the military, eliminating numerous ineffective agencies and programs, and beginning the process of welfare and entitlement reform. However, the budget fails to balance, ever, and does not sufficiently move the country away from its currently unsustainable fiscal path.”   Time will tell what happens with his proposal. PBS is naturally upset, but cutting PBS from the budget, makes many conservatives cheer. 

Here is another topic that makes conservatives cheer;  Reforming The Bureaucracy: How Trump Is Taming The Leviathan.  

Trump’s Justice Department reverses Obama stance on requiring union dues

Dossier’s 10 core collusion accusations remain unverified 20 months later

Liberty Counsel explains how AG Eric Schneiderman is opposed to the First Amendment.  AG Schneiderman is also so very wrong on this

From Punching Bag Media, Larry Horist opines on how politicians give “constitutional crisis” a bad name.

Monica Crowley opines in The Hill that federal abuses on Obama’s watch represent a growing blight on his legacy. 

Robert Knight opines on free money and pigeons.

Jonathan S. Tobin gives some in the media (and others) good advice:  Stop pretending the Olympics are about world peace.    The Daily Signal has this to say regarding the media obsession of North Korea and the Olympics:  In 7 Tweets, the Media’s Strange, Glowing Coverage of North Korea at Olympics.   

Don’t you wish you had a job that you didn’t have to show up for and still get paid.  As taxpayers, who pay her salary, we should all be outraged.

Errol Lewis does not believe unpleasant truths should be ignored, especially when some chose to make a hero out of people who committed crimes that make them eligible for deportation.

Herb Stupp presents a good argument against congestion pricing. 

All I will say about this, is that his parents, while not supportive of his run, certainly raised him to think for himself.   Kudos for that!