Daily Update

Former President Barack Obama backs a group led by, former AG Eric Holder (one of his favorite side-kicks) that has raised $11 million – of the $30 million planned on to target republicans in 12 states. Progressives storm Democratic primaries.   In case you had any doubt, Chris Buskirk, publisher and editor of American Greatness, explains that the ruling class (really does) hate you. 

Devin Nunes wants ‘ridiculous’ Democratic memo released.

There are sanctuary cities, sanctuary counties, and sanctuary churches, be prepared for sanctuary unions as the NY Teamsters are getting schooled in on their rights under U.S. law.

Gov. Cuomo wants won’t or can’t (for fear of upsetting his progressive base) take a stand on fare-beating.    The Beat has more on fare-beating here.

Michael Goodwin peals back the layers of Hillary’s deceit.  As you digest Hillary’s deceit, remember this in November :  Kirsten Gillibrand on Hillary Clinton: She is ‘my greatest role model in politics’  

Oh my…President Donald J. Trump has to learn how to drain the swamp better and not be fooled by DC lobbyists and their friends in Congress. 

Just when you think President Trump may have  caved in, he does this:  President Trump’s2019  budget proposal seeks to cut 22 agencies and/or programs, so maybe, just maybe, he does have the upper hand

Scott Greer, deputy editor of the Daily Caller has a good article on immigration. 

The Nanny State legislators rear their ugly heads again.

Here is another example of how the elites harm rather than help ordinary citizens

NY’s obscene, pro-union ‘prevailing wage’ law is driving public-project costs sky high

It’s an arrogant culture that aborts DS children