Daily Update

According to PoliticoNewYork, taxpayers in NYS have shelled out over $6 million in the last 6 years to settle sexual harassment or gender discrimination complaints…that we know about.  The amount of money is outrageous.  The article is comprehensive and detailed.  “In Albany, lawmakers of both parties have proposed legislation that would restrict confidential settlements, end forced arbitration clauses and in some instances make elected officials or supervisors personally liable for any harassment awards.”  If they are serious about ending sexual harassment or gender discrimination complaints, make the person responsible personally responsible for any monetary settlement…NOT TAXPAYERS!  Let see how serious they really are.  The House deserves credit for passing  this bill, hopefully,  the US Senate will.  However, I am not as optimistic that the NYS Legislature will do the same.   

It looks like the main stream media is taking a little more of an interest in the Joe Percoco trial.  Karen Dewitt filed this report for WRVO,  Syracuse.com has this column and Tom Precious had this in the Buffalo News.  The NY Post lets us know – if we didn’t already – about Gov. Cuomo’s love of vintage Corvettes and Joe Percoco’s need for cash and according to Howe, how Percoco became involved in minutiae.    

The “do-gooders” of our politically correct world are taking simple pleasures that we used to be able to enjoy by their experience and making life miserable by twisting the meaning of being all inclusive and letting the best person be the star of the show. 

Shola Olatoye, the head of the NYC Housing Authority, is clearly not a student of history…and obviously does not adhere to the President Truman’s famous quote, “The buck stops here.”

The Daily Signal reminds us that the only misleading claim about voter fraud is that it doesn’t exist. 

Of course, Michael Goodwin is right on both points; de Blasio has to go, now and it will never happen. 

Now this is extraordinary news:  A California Court upholds a bakers’ right to not bake a cake.  While the decision is not final, and a similar case is being argued in the US Supreme Court, it is still a stunning decision in the hyper politically correct world we life in today. 

Wise words in today’s Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams