Daily Update

Happy 107th birthday Ronald Reagan!  Oh, if only you were still with us, we could expect to see the great communicator on our televisions comforting us while standing strong, maybe even tweeting.  Your wisdom and love of our country was evident and respected by all.  President Trump is doing all his best to make America great again, but, he has a way to go before he can stand in his shoes.

Speaking of our heroes, the  Honorable James L. Buckley opines in National Review on how to preserve our Republic while government expands.

Ed Feulner writes in the Washington Times about a rising tide of economic freedom.

Richard W. Rahn points out the differences between two countries economic freedoms and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers in creating a federal republic rather than an unbridled democracy.

Cuomo Opponent Seeks Hearing On Controversial Tourism Signs.

Americans should listen to him — Farage on UK Health Care Protests: Immigration Policies Causing ‘Population Crisis’. 

Remember, Gregg Jarrett, is a lawyer —  Method of Obtaining FISA Warrant ‘The Definition of Government Corruption’.

Rich Lowry opines in the NY Post on the left’s wild fantasies about finding crimes to topple Trump

PoliticoNewYork is at the Joe Percoco trial every day; here is the latest.  Syracuse.com explains how Todd Howe, a central figure in the trial, who used to earn $750,000 as an Albany lobbyist, is now mowing lawns at an Idaho golf course. 

New Yorkers are paying the bill for de Blasio’s moral lapses.   (Unfortunately, his are not the only ones we are paying.)

Stephen Moore opines on why liberals root against liberals