Daily Update

The National Catholic Register has a moving tribute to a gentleman who spoke at our annual CPPAC just 3 years ago and left an impression with us that will always be a standard to emulate.  J. J. Hanson, taught us that every moment we are here on earth is special, no matter what we face. His zest for life and his ability to share with strangers how important life is, is a lesson we will never forget.  We thank Kathleen Gallagher, a favorite every year at CPPAC, for introducing us to J. J. Hanson, and share her and his family’s loss, as J. J. Hanson is at peace watching over his loving family.  Thank you, Kristen, and Kathleen for sharing J. J., a remarkable loving husband and father.  Rest in Peace, J. J. Hanson, you fulfilled your job here with the courage of your convictions and love of living every moment you were given.  The world would be a better place if more people were like J. J. Hanson. 

People make choices, some good, some wrong

In this case, both principals are making the wrong decisions

More wrong choices by those who should know the consequences of their decisions.  As Assemblywoman Malliotakis states “When laws that are on the books are not enforced, the end result is more lawlessness and increased disregard for the NYPD and their mission.”

Then there is this really bad idea.  With Progressives pushing such punishing taxes, is it any wonder that Florida is  ready to take in New Yorkers seeking tax shelter

E, J. McMahon points out the problems with “prevailing wages.”

Faso’s scaffold bill moves closer to House vote.  

The Gatestone Institute lays out the cost of illegal immigration.

Frank Vernuccio opines in Townhall.com on the impact of immigrants on state Medicaid budgets.

Chele Chiavacci Farley – announced US Senate candidate — made national news on Sunday when she ripped Senator Gillibrand: Her ‘greatest success is self-promotion’ on the John Catsimatidis radio show.  Here is the NY Daily News article on the same subject. 

LOVETT: State Senate Republican’s run for governor could disrupt budget talks. 

Robert Knight, writing in the Washington Times, explains why government must be tamed.   Charles Hurt, writing in the same paper, explains how Trump the orator outlines the greatness of America to Democrats’ disgust

Clinton Associates Fed Info to Dossier Author Chris Steele, According to Criminal Referral

This proposal is so bizarre, I am at a loss as to where I should file it.