Weekly Wrap-Up

President Trump delivered a powerful State of the Union address this week that illustrated how his so-called “nationalism” is in fact a unifying force for all Americans who love their country – and a way forward for the GOP. 

You can read the President’s full speech here – I have pulled some of my favorite quotes for our first Weekly Poll question. Which do you think is most powerful? 

The speech was also packed with ideas – some that I agree with, and some that I don’t. Which do you think is his best proposal? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

More than anything, President Trump’s speech was from the heart, and it was the back-to-the-future Democrats’ worst nightmare. Whether they were being bitter, stone-faced or simply couldn’t be bothered, the liberals dug themselves into a hole as the President spoke. Makes you wonder about those predictions of a 2018 Democratic wave election.

What word do you think best describes the Democrats’ sullen reaction to President Trumps’ State of the Union address? That’s the third and final question in our new Weekly Poll. 

As the economy booms and paychecks expand thanks to the Trump tax cuts, the Democrats are… threatening to repeal those very tax cuts, and dismissing workers’ hard-earned money as “crumbs.”  Our very own Andrew Cuomo is suing the federal government to protect New York’s high taxes. Talk about a #TaxScam

Meanwhile New York’s taxpayers have been fined $14 million thanks to Cuomo’s “I Heart NY” vanity project. And as usual, it’s full-spend-ahead for New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.   

I know the big story this week has been “the memo,” but if I try to post anything it will likely be obsolete before anyone gets a chance to read it. The New York Post does have an interesting look at where the scandal all began – you can read it here.

Have a great weekend!