Daily Update

Chele Chiavacci Farley makes it official today with this statement.  Mrs. Farley is running, to represent us, in the US Senate.  Chele Chiavacci Farley was very well received when she spoke at our 51st Annual CPPAC this past Sunday and Monday.  Watch Mrs. Farley’s introductory campaign video here and follow her campaign at www.CheleFarleyForSenate.com. The NY Daily News ran this article in today’s paper and State of Politics ran this column.  

Wasn’t it impressive to hear our president say “we” in the State of the Union Address  and not the “I” we heard for the last 8 years.

David French opines  in National Review on what the New York Times got wrong on conscience.

This will get your blood boiling — All inmates in New York State prisons will get free tablets.  A Florida company will provide the inmates with tablets – sans internet – but with email to cleared family and educational information.  The article says “no state funds will go towards the tablets” after it just explained that the company has a contract with New York State.  Well, who pays the contractual arrangement – the men on mars?  Will government do anything possible to pull the wool over taxpayers’ eyes?  Stop with the misrepresentation…our tax dollars are being used!

The latest on the Joe Percoco  (Governor Andrew Cuomo’s aide) trial

If Unions are drafting and editing legislation, why are taxpayers paying city council members?  This is just one exposure, rest assured, if one digs there will be many found.    Ethics reform anyone? 

It looks like “the memo” will be released tomorrow.  Then again, it may not be

PolitiFact hired who as a fact-checker?  It was difficult to believe them before, now that they hired this person, one might as well never accept what they check. 

Maybe Congress should pass a new rule that requires smart phones to be left outside of the chambers.   

The Night the Democratic Party Committed Political Suicide