Daily Update

DOJ office says it has found missing text messages of FBI officials

Ben Shapiro’s take on the ongoing saga is:  Mueller’s Investigation Targets Trump Over Supposed ‘Obstruction.’ This Could Be A Massive Constitutional Crisis In The Making.

Byron York has this to say in his opinion column in the Washington Examiner. 

This is how the NY Post editorial board assess the continuing saga: Bob Mueller’s elephant and the media blind men. 

Why we need to count citizens in the 2020 census…this explains why the democrats are being obstinate regarding illegal immigration and why they want to make it an issue in November.  New York has lost 1 million people since 2010…no wonder Governor Cuomo wants to give dreamers  free college…anything to lure people to New York instead of making New York business friendly.  A dysfunctional subway system does not help either.  

This Supreme Court Case Could Safeguard the Integrity of Our Elections. 

Immigration watchdog: We support compromise bill.

This is very disturbing.   Senate investigators’ have pinpointed the mail system as the weak leak in efforts to stem the opioids crisis and are looking for legislation to stem the tide. This is NOT how to stem the opioid crisis.  

Hypocrisy from none other than Nancy Pelosi, again.

Will Senator DeFranciso have something special to say when he addresses the 51st CPPAC?  Will you be there to hear what he says?  RSVP here.

File this under “ridiculous.”