Daily Update

David Keene’s latest column in the Washington Times reminds other journalists, rather strongly, that it’s wasn’t the Trump shutdown.   Good for Mr. Keene, but we all know, it will take a lot more than the improving economy to convince the main stream media. .

Rich Lowry opines in the NY Post on how Sen. Schumer listened to the resistance – and lost badly.  

 Guy Benson writes that left-wing activists are raging of Schumer’s negotiations. 

Sen. Schumer is taking his offer off the table; just like when a child looses and takes his things home. 

Is it possible that sly Sen. Schumer is still playing the chess game and is trying to feign his loss in order to have the bigger prize – the issue itself – for the November elections?   

Everyone involved in the immigration discussion should listen to the American people…or they may all be out of a job soon.  “A Harvard-Harris poll taken in the run-up to the shutdown found Americans strongly support granting citizenship rights to illegal immigrant Dreamers. But they also back Mr. Trump’s three demands for a border wall, limits to the chain of family migration and an end to the Diversity Visa Lottery.”  What progressives do not understand, is that immigrants who came to America in the past, did so, because they wanted to be Americans.  They learned in our language and embraced our customs.  Today, illegal immigrants, are not as willing to adopt American customs and want to change America.  Even naturalized citizens are beginning to resent that movement, so those who are destined to resolve the immigration issue should be familiar with how everyday citizens want it resolved.

In the last 9 years, taxpayers paid out $10 million for 88 abuse cases in state government.  Just think of the places that $10 million could have been put to use; subway system, education, law enforcement.

Is it possible that Obamacare is fueling the opioid epidemic?  

Robert Knight opines on the way back to religious liberty. 

The latest on the FBI and “The Memo” from Matt Vespa.