Daily Update

Senator Schumer’s shutdown surrenders.  Here is Guy Benson’s analysis of the last 60 hours that led Sen. Schumer to surrender to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  The fact that the Associated Press and the New York Times rightly put the onus on Sen. Schumer may have helped him cave, that,  plus the numerous videos of Sen. Schumer singing a different tune in 2013 when the government shut down for 16 days. Or is it simply that he can read poll numbers.   Senator Schumer lost his first real chess game the to the chess master, hopefully the experience will force him to negotiate honestly with the master of negotiations.   

On another hopeful note, the “memo” is closer to being released.  This, however, is another indication that politics had a promenade role in the FBI investigation.  Fox News has more on this here.   With all of this being revealed, how can the College of William and Mary justify James Comey, who graduated from the public Virginia university in 1982 as a double major in chemistry and religion, as a professor of “ethical leadership’?   Should we worry about what kind of ethics, if any,  the students will learn?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions opines in the Washington Times on President Trump’s merit-based immigration system. 

Governor Cuomo:  Beware.  Aide’s corruption trial could sink Cuomo’s hopes for a 2020 White House run. 

The MTA needs an overhaul before the city funds subway fixes.

Nicole Gelinas is quite knowledgeable on transportation, and her latest column is 66% right.  The Good, the bad and the ugly is 2/3 correct, we do not see any good in congestion pricing.  Yes, NYC is almost impossible to drive in, but the $1.5 billion will never be raised (estimates to raise money are always inflated) and the cost to truckers alone will increase the costs of the goods being delivered.  Congestion pricing is not the answer to congestion in NYC, but it certainly is a way to drive businesses out of the city.  Does NYC really want to be the only city in America with congestion pricing? 

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