Daily Update

Who knew when EZ Pass debuted in 1987 that by 2017 EZ Pass would be the only method of toll collection in New York City, and that it would be used to charge you for driving in certain parts of Manhattan?  Big Brother is alive and well, isn’t he, Governor Cuomo.

Here is CBS-TV report on the Governor’s “Congestion Pricing” his budget calls for with more details to follow later this week. The CBS-TV report leaves out how the Governor plans to raise $1 billion in fees and taxes.  Fortunately, the Buffalo News gives us some information on that. 

Governor Cuomo:  please explain this debacle in DeWitt.   And while you are at it, will your budget protect the public or your own ambitions

In the past, Governor Cuomo called marijuana a gateway drug; now it appears he is considering legalization.  Governor, your craving to be president clouds your ability to protect the public, rather than protecting the public, you enable their poor choices so you can achieve your aspirations.  A strong leader would not sell out for a few more votes or a few more budget dollars.  A true leader would not hide behind a panel assembled to give him cover to do what he plans on doing; a supercilious leader would.

The Buffalo News ran this Bob McCarthy column on Sunday:  Giambra’s road to GOP nod for governor runs through Conservative leader.

Jay Cost opines in National Review that the return of earmarks won’t solve congressional  irresponsibility

Robert Knight writes about the deceitful road to abortion

Who ‘Dreamers’ Really Are and Why They Cost $26B Over 10 Years.

Myron Magnet, City Journal’s editor-at-large, writes an excellent column:  Trump to PC: “No More”.

The Daily Signal advises how Congress can rein in out-of-control spending