Daily Update

The Daily Signal writes about the Clive Bundy Nevada land rights case and explains why Americans are right to fear government.  It is a good analysis of the overreach of government agencies, that fortunately ended without violence and all charges being dropped.  What should be added to this article, is a simple fact: the federal judge, Gloria Navarro, ruled on the law.  What would the results have been if the case came before an activist judge who interprets the law to make their case?  Kudos to Judge Gloria Navarro, who, incidentally, was appointed by Barack Obama. 


Mayor de Blasio always shirks responsibility, always has a way to deflect blame, but, on NYCHA’s lack of heat, there is no excuse.  He has been Mayor for 4 years and has a responsibility, as does any landlord, to make certain that essential needs are accommodated.

Here is another millstone for Mayor de Blasio’s neck:  JHS80.  A school he says is improving, while teachers beg for help. 

The Supreme Court will rule on Janus v. AFSCME by the end of June and the ruling could have an enormous effect on politics in New York State.  The Empire Center explains the importance of this case here .  Watch this case, it could really change New York’s politics. 

The Daily Signal has an article on another problem,  the spending of union dues,  and encourages Congress to pass the Employee Rights Act . 

This will be another interesting case, should the US Supreme Court choose to hear it.   

You know a reporter/blogger can be trusted when they admit they have been wrong.  Larry Horist’s is one of a rare few who, not only admits he was wrong, but has written a column, Glad to be wrong: the story of Open Books.

Did Admiral Mike Rogers save the US from a massive constitutional crisis?  Read this.   Be grateful our Founding Fathers had an instinctive distrust for government and gave control of the new country to the citizens of the Republic. 

Guy Benson opines on the latest tax reform catastrophe…quite unlike Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s predictions.

More good news: EPA set to reduce staff 50% in Trump’s first term.  

The AP is reporting that President Trump suggests 2-phase immigration deal for ‘Dreamer.