Daily Update

Anyone who was listening to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State yesterday, had the same reaction as the NY Post did:  Cuomo’s State of the State was all about 2020.    

It was interesting to listen to Gov. Cuomo say how vulnerable Penn Station is and how he wants to restructure and rebuild it … when the subway system is failing their riders daily. 

It was interesting to listen to Gov. Cuomo say that no taxpayer funds should be used to pay for any public official’s sexual harassment or misconduct and that that no state or local government enter into a secret nondisclosure agreement, knowing full well that, Gov. Cuomo’s appointee, former Assemblyman Sam Hoyt (who was reprimanded for having an affair with an intern while in the Assembly)  had to leave his position at the Empire State Development Corp. due to his wanting to continue a romantic relationship that a woman wanted to end.  Ah yes, once caught, feign indignation! 

It was interesting to listen to Gov. Cuomo call for spending a several progressive ideas, for example, increasing the current 5.9 cents per meal to 25 cents per meal for any school district that purchases at least 30% of its ingredients from New York farms, requiring breakfast after the bell, expand pre-kindergarten for 3 and 4-year-olds, while he acknowledged a $4 billion deficit and a loss of $2 billion in federal aid. 

Those are just a few of the interesting items in the State of the State.  For more on the State of the State, click here for the Governor’s release. 

Chris Churchill opines in the Times Union on the Governor’s speech.  Mr. Churchill’s humor takes some of the sting out of the Governor’s speech.  

Here is what Matt Vespa thinks of Governor Cuomo’s plan file a lawsuit against the GOP tax plan. 

The Auburnpub.com had some sage advice for the Governor, albeit, he didn’t listen.   

We will know more  about the Governor’s plans when the budget is released in two weeks. 

The Manhattan Institute takes Mayor de Blasio to task on his spending. 

Rich Lowry opines in the NY Post:  President Trump is only telling the truth about MS-13.

From the Cato Institute:  Fraud ‘unavoidable’ in gov’t-run healthcare.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, read this:  Apocalypse Now: Even More US Businesses Awarding Bonuses, Raising Wages, Expanding Due to Tax Reform

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