Daily Update

Happy New Year.

Welcome to 2018 – a year that will be politics on steroids as New York and the Nation decide if our Founding Fathers had the right solution for individual freedom to survive.   New York will elect a US Senator, Governor, Lt. Governor, Comptroller, Attorney General, 27 Members of Congress, 63 State Senators, 150 State Assembly Members and countless local officials.  The coming elections depend on your participation and knowledge of what the candidates stand for and what they hope to accomplish, if elected.   Our Founding Fathers called for limited government; hardly what elected officials call for now.  Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State, tomorrow, will call for programs that encourage dependency on government.  The question becomes, who pays the bill for government’s generosity?  Since government is not a corporation that sells a product and only has taxpayers to fund it, you, the hard-working individual is forced to pay for government largess.   The decision is yours to make on November 6, 2018.

Harry Wilson will not run for governor.  (See related NY Post and NY Daily News articles with Chairman Long quotes.)  We are an organization that understands and champions the bonds of family, we appreciate his decision.  Running for office is an arduous undertaking under any circumstance, even more so when you are raising young children.  His obligation to his family came first, and that is why, if he does run for office someday, his commitment will be for all the right reasons. 

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On a very sad note we have lost a tireless voice for life.   J. J. Hanson, passed away on Saturday, December 30, 2017.  J. J. Hanson was a former Marine who suffered from brain cancer and became a vocal opponent of physician-assisted suicide, man devoted to the importance of life.   We had the privilege of hearing him address our 49th CPPAC.  J. J. Hanson was a man everyone would be proud to call a friend.  Rest in Peace, Mr. Hanson.  Semper Fi.

Today’s NY Post editorial has good advice for New YorkersWatch your wallet, NY: Cuomo wants to ‘restructure’ taxes.

Nicole Gelinas also has good advice for her readers:  Beware of the media inflating the bitcoin bubble

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