Daily Update

All the Trump Tax Bill needs now is his signature.  The naysayers were besides themselves, not  even capable of giving President Trump a “let’s hope this plan works.”  People like Senator Schumer, before voting and during the vote, did his best to shame the GOP and misrepresent the bill to Americans.    However, some who did not support Donald J. Trump’s run, have given the man credit for doing what is best for all of America.  The NY Sun gives President Trump a thumbs up; Jim Geraghty, in his Morning Jolt, gives Americans the Armageddon Updates;   Howard Kurtz says that sound you hear is “ice cracking around the media narrative surrounding President Trump,”  and Rich Lowry who writes in National Review, Give Trump Credit Where It’s Due

President Donald J Trump:  Kudos on a good year, may your best year lie ahead for America.

One of President Trump’s shinning stars:  Haley Hammers the UN: America Doesn’t Pay for the Privilege of Being Disrespected.

The NY Post says you can save a bundle on your taxes if you do thisHowever, before you do, please check with the experts, since Fortune indicated that this loop hole was closedSee paragraph 3 in the article. 

City schools’ chancellor Carmen Fariña is expected to announce her retirement.  Unfortunately, even under a new school chancellor, things will most likely remain the same as Mayor de Blasio has an iron grip on the chancellor due to his relationship with the teacher’s union.

This may be the most outlandish statement from Mayor de Blasio he has had the audacity to say out loud.  He certainly let his true socialistic bordering on communistic beliefs be truthfully displayed.  What dictator wouldn’t want the press to be under his control?   

A Judge gives Melissa Mark-Viverito a final slapdown.

There is only one way to change this:  NYC’s highest earners would be better off in Florida under new tax bill.  Cut spending and lower New York’s taxesEliminate the job killing regulations and taxes.  Reduce the unfunded mandates on local governments.  Are you listening Governor Cuomo and all the Members of the Legislature?

There are ways to accomplish the “impossible,” as Robert P. Astorino points out in his Op-Ed in the NY Post.

This, however, will only continue to push people out of New York State. Does the Governor ever learn from his mistakes?   Here is another huge mistake by Governor Cuomo and one that he hopes to saddle NY tax payers with even more debt.  This wasteful spending must end. 

Another not-well-thought-out idea Governor Cuomo plans to try and sell New Yorkers. 

With all of Governor Cuomo’s progressive  ideas being put forward one has to ask:  Is this Governor Cuomo’s  goal?

The NY Post opines on the Governor’s pointless MTA blame game. 

Uber pretends to be altruistic while in reality they would stand to gain monetarily. 

Really, Mr. Giambra?  See what Chairman Long has to say about his possible candidacy here

One day late:  Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.