Daily Update

Four years ago,, Governor Andrew Cuomo persuaded former Governor Pataki to co-chair his tax-cutting commission along with SUNY chairman Carl McCall, the former state comptroller.  Gov. Cuomo said appointing Pataki shows the panel will take in to account diverse view points and work in a bi-partisan partisan manner, unlike President Obama and Congress who had just let the federal government shut down.  Cuomo wanted the commission to come up with recommendations to reduce New York’s sky- high property tax burden and lower businesses taxes. Four years later New York still has sky high property and business taxes, but now, Governor Cuomo says it would be “preferable” to shut down the federal government if Congress passes the tax overhaul legislation.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo had four years to rectify the sky-high property and business taxes; but, now he is skewering the federal government for doing what he failed to accomplish.  The last thing Governor Cuomo wants to do in an election year is to cut spending which he acknowledges is what will have to be done, “If this tax bill actually gets passed,” Cuomo said, “it’s going to make the need to reduce property taxes even more urgent.”   The NYS Budget negotiations will be very attention-grabbing this year.

Guy Benson had this to say about the tax bill proposal:  Analysis: With Final Passage Likely, Tax Reform Delivers Conservative Policy Victories and Dishonest Liberal Hysteria.  And this:  Analysis from Left-Leaning Tax Policy Center: Actually, 80 Percent of Americans Get a Tax Cut Under GOP Plan.

Today the House, tonight the Senate.   Here is the Fox News report on the House Passage of the Tax Bill.  What the Tax Cut and Jobs Act Bill means to you.   (Photo Credit:  NBC News)

Jonathan S. Tobin opines in today’s NY Post:  Now, this is presidential obstruction.  

The Bangladeshi would-be bomber — a walking ad for Trump’s immigration policies.  

Trump’s national security strategy emphasizes economic prosperity and border protection.  Former Sen. Joe Lieberman had this to say:  America First, Trump’s Right.  Read this short (2 minute read) from the White House.  

Al Franken’s ability to ‘un-resign’ may be possible.

Charles Hurt:  Obama produced sinister miniseries for Democrats.  

With count complete, feds can start eliminating billions of dollars in wasted property.   (How did we ever become owners of these places in the first place?)