Weekly Wrap-Up

This week the hunt for Trump/Russia connections continued to look more and more like a partisan witch hunt. It’s a sad day when Americans have to wonder if it was their FBI, not any foreign government, meddling in the country’s presidential election. 

It is hard to tell what’s the most alarming part of this saga – the incompetence, the corruption, or the FBI’s obvious pro-Clinton bias in 2016. Is it time to investigate the investigators? 

How would you describe your views on the FBI after this Trump investigation debacle? And how much have you lost trust in the FBI? Those are the first two questions in our new Weekly Poll. 

The Russia investigation is just one example of the left’s crusade against President Trump – here is another to remember for the liberals’ next batch of accusations against him.

This horrifying video foreshadows what’s to come in New York if “assisted suicide” is allowed to fully take hold. Do we really want Andrew Cuomo calculating how much each of us is worth?

As more signs point to a Trump economic recovery, will the GOP finally get tax relief over the finish line? Betsy McCaughey sees a lot to like but plenty of missed opportunities too. “The GOP tax bill gets an A for business tax reform,” she notes. “But it gets an ‘incomplete’ for failing to simplify the mind-numbing agony of filing taxes as an individual.”

This week the left had yet another meltdown – I’ve lost count of how many they’ve had since Tuesday, November 8 – this time over the end of so-called “Net Neutrality.” Here is what that means for the Internet (hint: It’s not the end of the world).

Speaking of our Weekly Poll, the Conservative Party had a scare this week when our online survey was suddenly out of commission for a while. The problem was resolved, but I wondered – who could have been responsible? Was the Alabama election Moore than we could handle? Was it the media’s favorite villain, Donald Trump?  Was Hillary trying to keep things quiet? Was our poll just not good enough for Marco Rubio?

I’ve rounded up the usual (and some unusual) suspects; vote on your favorite culprit in our third and final Weekly Poll question. Have fun with it – and have a great weekend!