Daily Update

Yesterday, one of the NY Post editorials headlines read, “Time to stop dodging the press, Gov. Cuomo.”   I’m fairly certain that Governor Cuomo wishes he had dodged the press yesterday as he inability to hide his contempt for being questioned became the news of the day.  When longtime Albany journalist, Karen DeWitt asked what his administration could do differently regarding the wave of sexual harassment allegations, Governor Cuomo admonished Ms. DeWitt.   Gov. Andrew Cuomo  said it was a societal issue and never answered the question directly, despite the fact that one of his appointees, former state economic development official Sam Hoyt, who resigned recently amid an investigation of a complaint about a relationship with a former state employee.  Mr. Hoyt, while in the Assembly was barred from participating in the Assembly internship and student mentoring program in 2008 after engaging in a relationship with an intern beginning in 2003.  (Photo credit:  AP)

Bombshell report from Comptroller DiNapoli:  State debt is debt is projected to reach $63.7 billion by the end of the fiscal year.  Comptroller DiNapoli on Thursday re-upped a series of borrowing reform proposals, including requiring voter approval of all borrowing, a proposal the Conservative Party has had in its platform for many years.  In fact, most of his propositions have been long held proposals called for in our Legislative Platform. 

More bad news for taxpayers:  Unfunded Liabilities of State Public Pensions Top $6 Trillion in 2017…New York state among the five worst. 

Notwithstanding the budget gloom hovering over New York State, Governor Andrew “Hunger Games” Cuomo continued to hand out economic development awards as he has since 2011.  Unfortunately, the return is sluggish at best…a waste of taxpayers’ money at worst.  Time for taxpayers to speak up and end this colossal waste of our money. 

This text, sent on August 15, 2016   – “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office that there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40…,” set off quite the firestorm.  Bryon York writes about it in the Washington Examiner and Ben Shapiro writes about it in the Daily Wire.  Is it the text that may wound the special investigation beyond repair?  When Peter Strzok appears before Congress – if he does –will we be told what he meant or will he plead the fifth?  One thing is certain, special prosecutor Mueller, by filling his team with political activists(albeit, he did fire some) he has set himself up to tarnish his own  once sterling reputation

David Keen opines on what happens when Trump associates won’t “co-operate.”