Daily Update

You have to give Speaker Carl Heastie credit for transparency, at least on this issue.   The NY Post editorial advises readers that the Speaker is meeting with UFT chief Michael Mulgrew to discuss the upcoming legislative session.  Rest assured Speaker Heastie will toe the union line…and that most likely means undermining Charter Schools that are working miracles in high-poverty, minority neighborhoods.  Thanks to his being transparent, we are forewarned and can also organize resistance. 

The Daily Signal reminds us that the First Amendment is under as much assault as the Second Amendment.  Our Founding Fathers scarcely envisioned what life would be like in the 21st century, but they certainly understood how important the basic tenants of freedom would be throughout the years.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is quite vocal on woman be harassed.  In fact, she has called on President Trump to resign due to alleged sexual harassment.  She has also been quite vocal on military sexual assault, in fact, she introduced legislation to revamp prosecution of military sexual assault.  As vocal as she is, her legislation continues to fail.  What she is not vocal about is NXIVM – a secretive group where women are branded and possibly brainwashed into slavery.  Some women, albeit they joined freely, after escaping, have gone to law enforcement for help and demanding an investigation into the group.   Since the group is located in New York and outside of NY, it would be logical for Senator Gillibrand to be involved.  If Senator Gillibrand is truly concerned about women, why not take on NXIVM. Especially since the Senator’s  father worked for NXIVM and left when he found out about troubling legal, possibly criminal matters, and discontinued his work in 2004.  Is Senator Gillibrand sincere or just grabbing headlines to further her career?

Sorry Governor Brown:  California’s ‘new normal’ of winter wildfires doused by climate scientists.

Andrew C. McCarthy wants to know in the Port Authority Jihadist Attack: Why the Rush to Civilian Court?

Anti-Trump dossier is imploding.

Rich Lowry opines in the NY Post about the new media standard: Too anti-Trump to check.

Kenneth Girardin  explains in an Empire Center article why “No layoff” clauses in government employee union contracts are almost always a bad idea.   

File this under:   Chutzpah