Daily Update

Education is the core of being successful.  Why then do avowed liberals undermine the educational process?  It is shameful that Mayor de Blasio and NYC  Chancellor Carmen Fariña do not put students first. 

Mayor de Blasio is putting your hard-earned tax dollars to poor use again.  As NYPD Sergeants union president Ed Mullins said: “There’s a long-standing statement that crime doesn’t pay. We’ve now proved it does.” 

The icing on the cake comes with Mayor de Blasio using his authority to demoralize by regulation businesses in New York City.

Obviously, Mayor de Blasio, doesn’t understand the economy that well.   The national rollback of regulations has put the US about 180 degrees from where we were last year, well on its way to real boom in business and putting people back to work  

Bill Hammond has two articles of interest in the latest from Empire Center.  First, Cuomo’s Essential dilemma, on New York’s Essential Plan, which will lose funds if, as reported, the Feds cut off a major portion of funding.  And second, Is Washington hooked on HIT, a $14.3B health insurance tax, which has surprisingly dodged the ax so far. 

George J. Marlin has a list of Nassau County’s winner and looses of 2017. 

Oh, how times have changed or have they really.  Valerie Richardson reminds us of Congressman Gerry Studds, first elected to Congress in 1972, but perhaps best known for his being censured by Congress in 1982 for an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old page.  The accusations continue with new names coming out almost daily..

Finally, CNN gets a story right

The Beat by Manhattan Institute gives us the facts we need to know on this morning’s Port Authority Attack.   One News Now has more on the attack here.   CBS covers the attack here. The Daily Mail includes footage of when the suicide vest went off.   The NY Post’s Metro section has articles and the suicide bomber’s background here.  (Photo Credit:  Metro US)