Daily Update

President Donald J. Trump on the 76th Remembrance of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  The Conservative Party of New York State will never forget the heroes of December 7, 1941 and the heroes that still keep us safe in 2017.  We are eternally grateful to all of the Members of the Armed Services and their families for all they do today and every day to keep us out of harm’s way.  May God continue to bless America.

Chris Churchill is a reporter for the Albany Times Union (a newspaper that has a decidedly left bent) critiques Governor Cuomo’s reaction to the Congressional Tax Bill. Mr. Churchill is not a fan of the tax bill proposal, however, his comments on Governor Cuomo’s hyperbole are perfect. Mr. Churchill’s humor is evident in his column; however, in his closing, Mr. Churchill, points out the painful truth “… the essence of Cuomo’s argument, seven years into his tenure, is that tax reform will have an outsized effect on New York because the state’s taxes are still so burdensome — arguably higher than anywhere in the country.  Well, whose fault is that?” 

Congressman Chris Collins was Fred Dicker’s guest this morning; County Executive Molinaro (Dutchess County) was Mr. Dicker’s guest in the second half of Mr. Dicker’s Focus on the State Capitol show.  Mr. Molinaro will decide on his possible run for Governor by the end of the year. 

The Second Amendment has a big win in the House as it passes the  National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill.  Here is how the Daily Signal is reporting  its passage. 

David Keene writes about snookering the dealmaker, a thoughtful, honest column that explains the problems republicans face when  the chickens come home to roost.  This is just in from The Hill:  Pelosi: Dems will oppose short-term spending bill.

Sen. Al Franken will resign…in the coming weeks.   The NY Post editorial board had this to say regarding Sen. Franken’s fall.  Wednesday night Tucker Carlson called Senator Gillibrand “an opportunist and a phony” for previously covering for former President Clinton and now calling for Sen. Franken to resign.   You can watch the clip here

One very positive thing about all the social media and 24/7 news coverage is that we are more aware how often legislator – at every level – switch their minds and votes on issues.  Surprise: Feinstein Blasts Trump’s Decision on Jerusalem…Which She Voted For Multiple Times.   Here is what the National Review has to say about President Trump’s decision on Jerusalem.  Michael Goodwin believes President Trump made the right call. 

DACA is not what the democrats say it is.  Here are the facts.  

Katie Pavlich’s report on today’s House Judiciary Committee meeting:  Here’s How FBI Director Christopher Wray is Dealing With Political Bias at the FBI