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Governor Andrew Cuomo’s hyperbole, especially in light of the numerous sexual harassment disclosures in the past few months, reveals, once again, that Governor Cuomo is a bully who puts politics above all else.   New York has a spending problem and Governor Cuomo has done little to change New York’s spending despite running on platform of cutting spending.  This is what Andrew Cuomo said to Conservatives in February 2009. “New York’s government is too big, too many levels of government, and it’s too expensive.   That’s why we have the highest local tax burden in the country, because we’re paying for too much government.”  Seven years into Andrew Cuomo’s administration, New Yorkers are still paying for too much government, yet, Governor Cuomo says the Republican Congress “cripples” high-tax states like New York.  Governor, you have had seven years to bring New York’s taxes down, maybe, just maybe you will be forced to do so when the final tax bill is signed.  If not, how many New Yorkers will continue to live in New York to pay for too much government?

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand hops on the politically expedient bandwagon by calling for Senator Franken’s resignation.  BREAKING: Franken to Make ‘Announcement’ on Thursday

Special Counsel Mueller may have some explaining to the citizens whose tax money he is using for a problem that seems to be a non-issue, political self-serving  hit.   (By the way, Mueller has spent more in 4 months than the Benghazi investigation spent in 2 years.)  Joseph Curl has this to say in the Washington Times regarding the imploding probe and Gregg Jarrett opines on the same subject for Fox News.   Corey Lewandowski was there (Find out soon, on our Events page, how you can obtain a copy of Let Trump be Trump autographed by both authors – Lewandowski and Bossie.) and says there was no collusion. 

An article that should make us take notice that the EMP threat is real and it is time for Congress to take the EMP Commission seriously. 

Seriously, Barack?  You are taking credit for the economy?  You must be back to smoking what you smoked in your college years.

Betsy McCaughey writes about a road map to move the tax cut into law. 

Obamacare’s Medical Standards Are Harming Our Medical System

Wednesday with Walter E. Williams.