Daily Update

Stephen Moore has part of the solution for Governor Andrew Cuomo, Governor Jerry Brown, and Governor Elect Phil Murphy’s (NJ) angry and bitter conference call outburst about the GOP Tax Relief Bill heading to a Conference Committee in his column.  “Pare the hyper-extravagant pensions, and stop paying your government employees 30 percent more than comparable private-sector workers get.” We all know they will not even consider his advice, but Mr. Moore gives some advice on how to change the situation which New Yorkers will have the opportunity in November 2018 to take.  “Now those who choose to live in blue states are going to have to join with their neighbors, collect their pitchforks and demand tax and spending cuts from city hall and the state capital.”   Voters are the only ones who can change the director of an administration and if that fails, change the administration.   

If Larry Kudlow was a member of Congress, he would vote for the tax relief bill with all its warts.

The Daily Signal has more on the differences in the House and Senate Bill that need to be resolved. 

Milton Ezrati explains the high price of Cuomo’s ‘free tuition.’ (Another reason to demand tax and spending cuts.)

Did you see Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie discuss their new book, Let Trump be Trump, today on Fox and Friends?  Keep checking our Events Page to find out how you can get an autographed, by both authors, book.  Details will be posted soon!

Kennedy wrestles with wedding cake case at Supreme Court.  The Washington Times has more on today’s arguments in the US Supreme Court.

This is not how to get NFL fans to return to the stadiums or watching games.   Doesn’t football have enough problems already?

The City Journal opines on the Kate Steinle verdict:  Jury nullification, plain and simple.   Here is Heather MacDonald’s take on the shocking verdict. 

Investor’s Business Daily takes a look at what is really behind the CVS-Aetna merger

The American Spectator says Enough:  FBI and Justice Department corruption needs to end.  

It appears that another member of Mueller’s team used his government issued phone to praise Sally Yates after she lawlessly thwarted President Trump. 

6,500 Reasons to Say ‘It’s a Girl’ (or ‘It’s a Boy’)