Daily Update

In 1 Chart, the differences between the House and Senate Tax Reform Bills.  These 229 Businesses and Groups Support Tax Reform

Michael Barone opined on debunking bogus attacks on the GOP tax-cut plans. 

The Daily Signal again looks at one of the most important cases the US Supreme Court will decide this year;  Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. V. Colorado Civil Rights Commission.   Monica Burke explains the gravity of the case and why it imperative that Jack Phillips prevails.  This case will be argued tomorrow.  The Daily Signal has had a lot of feedback regarding Masterpiece Cakeshop Ltd., and includes it in this column by Ken McIntyre.  Michael Farris also opines on this case for Fox News. 

Will this unrelated case also end up in the US Supreme Court?

Charles Hurt writes that Flynn is just the latest juicy kill in Swampdom.   Another anti-Trump ‘smoking gun’ turns out to be nothing. 

Robert Knight takes a hard look at a Holder holdover.

Persistence paid off for Congresswoman Claudia Tenney.  Anyone who knows her, understands why President Donald J. Trump finally said “I’ll buy it.”  Kudos, Claudia

How can this possibly be ethical?  Then again, we are talking about the Mayor’s administration.  

Saladin Ambar, author of “American Cicero: Mario Cuomo and the Defense of American Liberalism,” writes in today’s NY Daily News about Mario Cuomo, model of restraint.  Mr. Ambar, praises the late Governor’s liberal ideals (and takes an unnecessary swipe at President Donald J. Trump) and his adherence to his progressive beliefs, certainly an ideal I admire as I am just as committed to the conservative principles I espouse.  What strikes me about this column is that the principles Governor Mario Cuomo truly understood and lived by are completely lost on his son, Andrew Cuomo, our current Governor.  How sad that Mario’s truly admirable trait is so callously cast aside by his son. 

Cuomo decries federal hurricane relief efforts, praises New York’s response during his third trip to Puerto Rico.  Governor Cuomo, while our sympathy is with the people of Puerto Rico, one cannot blame the federal government for the woes of Puerto Rico that included bankruptcy and bailouts long before this year’s  hurricane season.  For Cuomo’s re-election, only a landslide will do.    Cuomo 2020? Four things to watch.   Any doubt that he did not learn from his father?

The Beat keeps us informed about the Silver Screen Subsidies

Politico obviously does not have a good read on people if this is what they are pushing…Politico: the Clinton Era is OVER.  Every Clinton is finished in politics, the more you push a Clinton the less credible you become Politico.