Daily Update

I wonder if Judge Ray Rodriguez feels any remorse knowing now that his “mercy” was misplaced

Success Academy boss Eva Moskowitz rips de Blasio for failing to open up classroom space. 

Top staff says “Adios, Mr. Mayor.”

Andrew C. McCarthy opines on Khatallah’s Acquittals.  

National Review on line on the proposed tax reform bill:  The legislation isn’t perfect, but its critics aren’t telling the truth.  And there is this:  Oops: NYT Editors’ False Attack on GOP Tax Plan Contradicted By Own Newspaper’s Analysis

Tammy Bruce explains how The New York Times’ Nazi story goes off the rails

George J. Marlin opines on Repairing the Ravages of ISIS on Iraq’s Nineveh Plains.

The Daily Signal lets us know that watchdogs turn up more evidence Obama’s EPA broke federal law.    

Here are two article from the Daily Signal regarding our First Amendment:  After declining to make a wedding cake, he’s going to the Supreme Court. Here’s how that journey challenged his faith and These groups support gay marriage while backing a cake baker’s First Amendment Rights.

While this is good news – ‘Hush fund’ may soon not be so hush-hush – I cannot help but wonder why it took a damn breaking to end hush money.  Seriously, why did it take Congress so long?  It isn’t as if no one knew what was happening in the Halls of Congress, yet, no one, including New York’s own Senators – Schumer and Gillibrand – came forward.  Instead they acted as ostriches until the damn broke.  Why didn’t they make the damn break sooner?   I would be the first to admit, there have been false claims made by women – A Rape on Campus and Tucker Carlson let us know what happened to him —  however, when it is rampant and the world knows, why where they all ostriches up until now? 

Blackburn: We’re Going to Release Names of Lawmakers Who Used ‘Hush Fund’.  

‘The Resistance’ remains resistant to rural America.